As the GM of a high-end, 5-star restaurant in Rancho Mirage in 1989, Mario Hernandez realized the 9,000 sq ft Mexican Saltillo paver flooring was in dire need of restoration and cleaning. He set out to research the options in order to restore the once beautiful natural paver flooring back to its original luster and shine.

Along with his brothers Mark and Michael, and his cousin Raul, they decided to take on the challenge to strip, clean and reseal the floors themselves. After the successful restoration, compliments flooded in from customers throughout the valley. A new business idea was sparked.

When Mr. and Mrs. Forest and Glenda Wikoff approached Mario to see if they could restore the pavers at their Rancho Mirage home after seeing the restaurant floors, they became the very first customers of Mario’s Tile Care.

Building this family owned business took 10 years while working in their off hours and no real marketing efforts were made. Just word of mouth and we’re proud to say that 85% of our business is referrals.

In 1996, Mario hung up his GM role to solely dedicate his efforts into the now thriving family tile care business with his wife and business partner, Maru. In classic Mario style, he passed his contractor’s license, worked diligently, researched everything stone and tile in both maintenance and restoration applications and turned his customer service attitude into a thriving. locally owned tile care business located in the heart of Coachella Valley.

Today, Mario’s family business has grown to serve over 20,000 satisfied customers and has proudly worked with homeowners and businesses for more than 35 years. His attention to detail, business ethics and pride in quality have proven to result in thousands of satisfied customers.