The appearance of brickwork depends on the attention given during construction and the cleaning process.

Brickwork requires extra care

Brick pavers create a beautiful effect in the front entry driveway, near water features or anywhere around the house. Instead of replacing brick and pavers that look old and stained, let Tilecare make them look BETTER than they did the day they were installed with our professional cleaning, restoration and sealing.


Dingy, discolored concrete - particularly on driveways, makes your house look tired. We can fix that.

Concrete surfaces frame your home
Concrete driveway

When faced with concrete surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, you used to have to remove and replace it to improve its look. Our new process is transforming drab concrete patios, driveways, and floors into surfaces that look like new.

Epoxy Flooring

You've taken the time to finish the walls in your garage, now it's time to finish the floors!

Epoxy coatings protect and enhance your garage floors
Epoxy garage flooring

Our epoxy coatings for your garage and shop floors offer tough-as-nails protection from spills and marks, while giving these spaces a high-end custom look. Many colors and styles are available to suit your taste and your budget.


Flagstone is a versatile material used as flooring or on walls. Our cleaning and sealing restores its natural luster.

Flagstone makes a statement

Flagstone is an easy material to work with that comes from splitting layers of sedimentary stone. The large, flat stones are used in a huge variety of projects like patios, paths, walkways, seating areas, and walls. Natural flagstone is available in several different colors, shapes, and thicknesses, but we know and can restore them all.


Granite’s vivid natural colors and extremely hard surface makes it the ideal material for countertops.

We can bring back the luster to your stone surfaces
Granite countertop

Granite resists heat, scratches and stains, protects against mold and mildew, and offers a near endless variety of patterns of veins, specks and swirls for visual interest. However, granite's not indestructible. If your granite surfaces are damaged or dingy, Tilecare can help.


Grout is used to fill the spaces between tiles. We can repair your cracked and stained grout.

Grout is integral to the look of your tile
Kitchen tile with clean grout

Cement-based grout comes in sanded as well as unsanded varieties. The sanded variety contains finely ground silica sand; unsanded is finer and produces a non-gritty final surface. Tile installers usually don’t have the time to seal your grout, its going to collect dirt and debris over time. We can clean and seal your grout for a like-new look.


We can install beautiful new floors, countertops, showers and much more!

Our installation team has decades of experience.

Whether you need any type of tile installed in your new construction project, or need to refresh the look of your existing home or business, we have the expertise to build your dream design—at very reasonable prices!


Ideal for high-traffic areas, marble is extremely durable but stains and damage can mar its timeless beauty.

Marble's classic look is complimented by regular care
Marble floor

Used everywhere from entryways to kitchens to bathrooms, marble is versatile and durable. Marble can also be porous and easily stained and discolored. Installing marble makes an elegant statement; we can make your marble look its best!


Pavers can be made out of many materials, like concrete, brick or clay. We can restore them all.

Pavers bring new interest to large areas
pavers on the pool deck

Whether it’s a walkway, patio or driveway, we can rejuvenate your pavers with our deep cleaning and sealing processes. Pavers are an economical way to add personality and charm to your outdoor living spaces. Our environmentally friendly process ensures your driveways and patios will look great for years to come.


Quartzite stone is great for countertops as well as floors, but water and acid etching can be a problem.

Quartzite has a reputation for durability
Quartzite patio

Quartzite in its pure form is an extremely hard rock that is impervious to water or acid etching. Pure quartzite slabs are very rare though. We can identify different types and can repair and rejuvenate your quartzite counters to a beautiful finish.


Protect your investment with high-quality sealers from Mario's Tilecare.

Nearly 85% of all newly installed tile isn't properly sealed
Sealer application

We were surprised to learn that many home builders don't take the time to seal the tile they have just installed. Our Tilecare experts can apply a sealer to protect your new tile and grout for years to come.


Slate is a beautiful and durable natural-looking addition to your home.

Slate is a versatile stone
Slate flooring rejuvination

Slate makes your home a special place, with its many colors and styles. It’s durable, resistant to most stains, and slip-resistant. We can sanitize and seal your slate flooring and walls to make it much easier to maintain day-to-day.


Terrazzo tiles are cast composites of marble, quartz, granite or glass chips making a statement.

Terrazzo brings a unique look requiring special care
Terrazzo kitchen floor

Terrazzo tiles, a mixture of marble, quartz, granite or glass chips in a cement or polymer binder are unique surfaces that require special care. The tiles are cured and then ground and polished to a smooth surface or finished to produce a textured surface that we can restore to its original beauty.


Travertine is a natural stone midway between limestone and marble with subtle elegance.

Travertine has a subtle elegance and old-world charm
Travertine living area floor

Voids in the rock caused by carbon dioxide bubbles trapped during the formation of the stone lend travertine a depth not found in other types of tile. Famous for its use in ancient Roman architecture, travertine’s imperfections lend it a unique charm and warmth. We’re experts in the restoration of travertine surfaces and our sealing process ensures that stains and mineral deposits just wash away.

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